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"Three Friends" sculpture with James L. Weber (1946-1993). John L. Bell (1937-1992) and John D. Rienstra, Jr (1938-1994)
by Marsha English Elmore in 1999 is in a courtyard next to the Jefferson County Courthouse.

John Sidney Andrus

Gary C. Baine

Beth Barbay Himel

Mary Ann Beall Williamson

Harold "Butch" Bean

John L. Bell

Archie Bennett

Lee Roy Bergeron

Beverly Jane Brown Deines

Robert Lenox Brown

Dena Blackmann Bruce

Tommy "Teeter" Burge

John L. Carter

Berlin Cassidy

Charles Duane Collins

William O. Cook, Jr.

Ouida Merline Chaney Tompkins

Jean Ann Comeaux Gilstrap

George D. Conn

Rozene Coward

Don Debes

Joseph Frank "J.F." Delage

Fred Dishman

Mary Frances Dishman Sherlock

Lavon Dodd

Denna Dunlap

Mike Ford

William A "Bill" Gary

Bill Gernand

Barry Goodman

John Gould

Charles Gordy

Kenneth Hall

Frankie Heintschel

Leman Hendry

Bob Holland

Martha Kate Jordan King

Sammye Julian

Anita Kaplan Schonbrun

Janis Keith Shoffner

Harry Wayne Lawless


Robert "Bob" Arthur Lewis

George Lindow

Charles Franklin Lisman III

Laurali Long Lucas

Arnold Duane Marks

Jerry B. Marshall

Robert "Bob" Mason

Paul Mattingly

Howard McCall

Robert McClelland

Charles H. Meyer

Ronald Millican

Pat Monroe Risher

Rodney Morrison

Anna Rose Mosteit Seago

John Rienstra

Hollis Roberts

Katherine Ross Richards

Agnes Russell Babin Bruno

Gerald "Pee Wee" Tevis Sampson

William "Croaker" Edward "Billy" Saxe

Harry Shepherd

Nanette Spector Night

Kenneth L. Spidle

Jerry Stedman

Sally Stevens Shipman

James Troy Stidham

Charles J Strack

Bonnie Strickland Litten

Robert N. Tullos, Jr

Mike Vaughn

Linda Vincent Patton

Robert Dale Walker

Anita Watler Waters

Rosemary Whittaker Rector

Sandra Cecile Whyte

   Life on a Train  compares life to a train ride or series of train rides.
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