BHS Class of `56 Pictures

50th Reunion

Hector Costilla sent these pictures.   This has many scenes from the Beaumont Country Club on Saturday, March 25, 2006.

Dan and Carol Brent Haley on the left, Myra Felcher Mas and Bill Gieske on right.

Jack Blanchette on left, Linda Daigle, Janis Kieth and Janis Rodemacher on the right.

Catherine and Barry Goodman on the left, Barry Goodman and Jimmy Patton on the right.

Sybil Ebanks Riggs and June Norman White on the left, Jackie Dezelle, Darlene Galloway and Eleanor Marshall on the right.

June Norman White, Billy Saxe and Sybil Ebanks Riggs on the left, Rosalie Richardson Bean, Dale Saxe and Bettie White Nixon on the right.

Hector Costilla and Linda Daigle on the left, Eloise Milam with Jerry Conn on the right.

Janis Rodemacher, Nancy Moyer and Bucky Milam on left, Haden "Sonny" Cribbs and wife on the right.

Bucky Milam on the left and George Anderson on the right.

Jerry Conn and Jack Blanchette on the dance floor with partners.

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